So, welcome to my portfolio! My name is Alexander van der Kolk.

I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I'm a Bachelor of Computer Science and for a living I work at Soltegro a systems engineering and consultancy company. We're specialised in systems where availability, reliability and security are key. My exprience and passion go out for systems-engineering, enterprise-applications and game or web-development.

This portfolio should show you some of my accomplishments and work history. It will provide some basic information about my interests and a way to contact me. For more information I would like to direct you to my blog and project hosting website at kolky.nl.


  • Soltegro (September 2012 - Present) Currently working for; a government owned company on a undisclosed project and prototyping a new type of tunnel security system.

  • Rising Step (March 2012 - November 2012) Created several mobile applications for Android, such as: xxiyou and mmh calculator.

  • Logica (August 2010 - August 2012) As a software engineer, worked on several projects for companies such as: Sabic, EMO and Priva.

  • Playlogic Game Factory (March 2008 - July 2010) Allround games programmer, worked on several titles including: PomPom Party, EyePet, Fairytale Fights and Eyepet Move.


  • PC & Console Games I'm not tied to a genre or platform. I enjoy games aslong as they are original, have a good story, fascinate me in the way it works or are just good for wasting time. Some examples of games or game-series I really dig: Oxygen not Included, Warcraft, Starcraft, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted, Prince of Persia, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Civilization, Portal and League of Legends.

  • Programming Somehow I've developed a love for programming. I love diving into existing code and find my way around, scramble about on some of my own projects, read blogs and magazines about it and have a great time at work doing it for a living.

  • Card & Boardgames I've activly played Magic: The Gathering a few years back and I still enjoy a regular game from time to time. With some friends we even setup a non-profit organisation called TrefpuntMagic, we organize Magic: The Gathering tournaments and regular Board Game events for a wide audiance. During my spare time I casually play boardgames with friends.


Would you be interested to hire me, ask me a question or just send me a message. Then feel free to contact me!